A Mr. Bean style robbery

Last Saturday night at about 10:15pm, a 911 call reporting a robbery was received by the Saanich Police Communications centre. The clerk at the Tuscany Village Liquor Store was reporting that she had just been robbed by a male.

The suspect initially entered the store earlier in the evening and made a purchase. Later, he came back once again, but this time appeared intoxicated. Due to the suspected intoxication, the female clerk on duty stated that she was unable to sell any liquor to the suspect.

The suspect became upset and then tried to negotiate with the clerk, but she was steadfast. Finally, he then stated he ‘had a gun’ and demanded to be able to purchase liquor?! However, she still refused.

The suspect instead grabbed a bottle of vodka, knocked over another bottle of liquor and reminded the clerks that he had a gun, and left. Before departing, he threw some money on the floor of the store, presumably to cover the cost.

The area was cordoned off by patrol officers and Forensic Investigators were called to the scene.

While the two clerks were being interviewed by patrol officers, and the Forensic Investigator was examining the scene, a male matching the description walked by the front of the store.

He was confronted and arrested by on scene patrol officers who confirmed he was the suspect. A 20 year old local Saanich man was arrested. He was later released with documents to appear in court.


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