Watch your fuel gauge

There have been three incidents of gas theft in the past couple of weeks. All three occurred in the same area in the 700 block of Vanalman ave and Enterprise crescent.

The same two businesses have been targeted on two occasions. On both occasions multiple vehicles had gas siphoned from the tanks of work trucks. After the first time, both companies put on locking gas caps.

A short time later, both businesses were attacked once again. The locking gas caps had been forced off with what was thought to be a screw driver.

Multiple vehicles were targeted and up to 20 litres per vehicle of fuel was stolen. Found at the scene of two thefts were lengths of garden hose.

Business owners and residents alike are reminded to make it more difficult for thieves to target your business or home. Good locking gas caps that are not easily defeated, sufficient external motion activated lighting and security cameras will help lessen your chances of becoming a victim.

Contact the Saanich Police Crime Prevention office for more information.


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