Reckless drivers lose vehicles

Yesterday afternoon, just after 1pm, calls were received at the Saanich Police Communications Centre regarding two vehicles on Blanshard street. These two vehicles were seen by witnesses driving in a reckless and aggressive manner north bound on Blanshard street.

Both vehicles were seen to accelerate rapidly and burn out their tires. They were then racing each other to the next light. Once they reached Cloverdale ave, one vehicle proceeded to make contact with the other and attempt to force it into the intersection by pushing on the rear bumper, against the red light.

Witnesses contacted police and saw that the two cars were entering the Walmart underground at Uptown Centre. Two Saanich Police bike squad officers were nearby and entered the underground. The two vehicles were located unoccupied and the officers waited for the drivers to return.

The drivers, two local men in their 20’s, were confronted and admitted to driving the vehicles. A gray 1990 Subaru and a red 2000 Chrysler were impounded pursuant to the Street Racing Legislation. As well, both drivers had their licenses suspended.

Witnesses to such driving behaviour in progress are encouraged to contact 9-1-1 as it poses a significant driving hazard to other road users.


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