SPD Collision Reconstruction

The SPD Traffic Safety Unit has 4 highly trained Collision Reconstructionists who are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These officers have attended hundreds of hours of training in the forensic analysis and reconstruction of collision scenes. They receive specialized training in advanced physics and mathematics in order to complete precise calculations to determine the causes of a collision.

These officers can provide expert testimony in Court based on the investigation they conducted at the scene. Using specialized equipment, such as robotic laser surveying instruments and vehicle Collision Data Recorders, these officers carefully document collision scenes. They often provide assistance to Detectives at major crime scenes.

The Collision Reconstructionists can assist with any type of collision, but are mandated to assist at collisions which may result in serious Criminal Charges, serious injuries or death. These types of collisions usually require a partial or complete closure of the roadway. But rest assured that this is necessary to complete a thorough and accurate investigation. Through the use of special instruments officers are able to document the scene in a more time efficient manner and allow the roadway to open sooner.

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