Zeke gets his man

At about 3:30 this morning, a witness saw a male smash a door window and enter the Cycles West store in the 100 block of Burnside road west. Two officers arrived on scene almost immediately, one being the on-duty team of Cst. Jon Zelinski and his partner Police Service Dog ‘Zeke’.

After confirming there indeed had been a break-in, Zeke was quickly deployed to locate a suspect. Zeke’s olfactory sense led him from Burnside and he quickly tracked along Wascana avenue. Within two short blocks Zeke had his man cornered under a camper van in the 3200 block of Wascana.

Patrol officers quickly took the suspect, who matched the description provided by the witness, into custody.

Zeke’s work was not done there. He then began a methodical search of the area and located a valuable mountain bike worth approximately $3000.00! The store owner was thankful to get the bike back.

The suspect, a 28 year old male of no fixed address, is presently at large on a probation order. He has a significant history of property related offences across the region.

Zeke chalked up another win and got a few extra biscuits before bed this morning.


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