Assault and attempted robbery

Late Tuesday evening, May 29th, just before midnight, a call was received from the Canada Safeway store at University Heights. A male entered the store and stated he had been assaulted.

Investigators determined that the victim got on BC Transit bus #26 at Uptown Centre near McDonalds. He then got off the bus near the Fairways Market at Cedar Hill road and McKenzie ave. The suspect also got off the bus at the same stop.

The victim began walking south bound on Cedar Hill road and was jumped from behind without any warning. The victim was pushed on the ground, kicked and punched. He was able to kick and punch at the suspect and managed to get away and flee back towards McKenzie ave. The suspect followed and a second assault occurred on McKenzie ave. The suspect demanded the victim’s Ipad and threatened him with harm.

The Victim is a 22 year old Japanese national on a work permit in Canada. He is deeply disturbed by this incident. This incident appears completely random and the victim and suspect are not known to each other.

The suspect is described as a Caucasian male, long blonde hair and blonde beard, dark hoodie and long pants, possibly wearing gray Nike shoes. The beard extended about two inches to a point below the chin. The suspect is also described as a smoker.

The victim sustained injuries to his knees and face including scrapes and bruises. Even more disturbing about this incident the suspect engaged the victim in a conversation on the bus prior to the attack.

If anybody knows anything about this incident, or witnessed anything, you are encouraged to contact the Saanich Police. Given the random nature of this assault, people out in the community late in the evening are reminded to take precautions to ensure their personal safety.


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