Watch out for thieves

There has been a sudden and dramatic spike in theft from autos in a very well defined geographic area in Saanich. The area is centered in the 4200 block of Carey road to Glanford avenue as far south as Vanalman ave and as far north as Lodi ave.

A total of 18 separate incidents have occurred from May 3rd to June 1st. Eleven of those incidents have occurred on Friday evenings.

Items taken include your typical change, jewellery, flashlight, cellphone, GPS unit, sunglasses, Ipod etc. Only one of the incidents involved a smashed window.

In three separate incidents, the antenna was removed from the vehicle and used as a tool. The culprit pried the top of the door where it meets the window with a chisel, then used the antenna to fish into the door and attempt to open the lock. In another incident, the whole door handle had been removed.

Residents in that area are reminded to not leave any items inside your vehicle and to keep the doors locked. It is further requested that people remain vigilant through the evening hours and report any suspicious activity immediately.

Saanich Police Uniformed Division officers will be focussing their patrols in the area in the coming days.


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