Wire thieves still at work

Saanich Police were called at about 9:30 yesterday morning to the 3200 block of Douglas street, in the underground lot. Three parking stalls located under the Pantry restaurant were littered with the remains of a wire theft.

A stolen cable had been cut up into several pieces and the remnants were littered in the lot. Investigators believe that the theft likely occurred over the weekend somewhere in the vicinity.

The wire was approximately 30 meters in length. It appeared to be aluminum, and not copper. The value is limited and estimated at $25. Thieves may have thought it to be the more valuable copper wire and then abandoned it when it was found to be aluminum.

This incident is a good reminder that metal and wire thieves are at work in the area. If you have an outdoor compound or store items outside that may be salvaged for scrap you are encouraged to review your security arrangements. If you need advice about your security please contact the Saanich Police Crime Prevention office at 250-475-4321.


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