Three more impoundments for speed

Saanich Police were busy Saturday afternoon (June 16th) dealing with speeders in the 5600 block of Willis Point Road near Wallace Drive.

Three drivers had their cars towed and impounded for seven days due to excessively high speeds in the posted 60 km/hr zone.

One of these drivers was a 21 year old Metchosin man clocked at 137 km/hr while passing someone. This speed was well over twice the posted limit. In addition to losing his Nissan 240 SX for a week, he was fined $483 under the Motor Vehicle Act.

The other two drivers were a a 32 year old Port Alberni man and a 35 year old Kamloops man. They were travelling at 106 km/hr. Along with impoundment (another Nissan 240 SX and a Nissan Sylvia), these men were each fined $368. Their cars happened to be marked with racing numbers on the front windshields. They were in town to participate in racing events at Western Speedway, in particular a racing activity known as “drifting”.

As it turned out, the evening racing card was rained out at the speedway.

Six additional motorists were fined this afternoon for speeding in the 60 zone.

The three drivers who had their cars impounded are also responsible for paying the towing and storage fees. This will mean an additional $350 to $400 in estimated costs.

Road Safety is one of the key strategic priorities in our 2012-2016 Strategic Plan. Targeted speed enforcement is one of many strategies which we will continue to employ, with our objective being to help reduce the frequency and severity of crashes in Saanich.

Willis Point road will remain a focus for enforcement throughout the summer months for obvious reasons.


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