Off duty officer spots drugged driver

Sunday afternoon an off-duty Saanich Police Detective Sergeant noticed a female smoking marihuana in a car next to his as he parked at the Gorge Plaza for a coffee.

The red Ford Escort had pulled into the stall next to his and the driver was seen smoking a marihuana joint with the use of some medical forceps. The female driver then got out and walked away from the car, forgetting to turn it off.

The off-duty officer then contacted the Saanich Police Communications centre and provided the vehicle license plate and location. The officer then went to get his morning coffee.

Prior to exiting the Starbucks, the woman re-entered her car and departed the lot. It was promptly stopped nearby by two on-duty patrol officers.

The 50 year old Saanich driver denied having consumed a marihuana joint- despite the billowing smoke! The driver was also found to be non-licensed and had someone else’s vehicle impounded and received a 24 hours suspension.

Moral to the story- you never know who you are parking next to.


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