Students back to school early…

Saturday evening, just past midnight, a resident near Cloverdale Elementary School contacted the Saanich Police about some suspicious activity. The witness had seen several kids on the roof of the school and then saw two exit the school through a doorway.

The first arriving officer happened to be a K9 team who observed several youths get into a brown 1966 Ford Thunderbird. A couple of the youths appeared to be considering fleeing but quickly changed their minds realizing there was a police dog.

Contact was made with the driver who also had been drinking and smoking marihuana. This led to his having his driving privileges suspended for 24 hours.

Investigation at the scene revealed that there was no forced entry to the school. It appears that the youths may have entered the school by an opened window due to ongoing construction inside. They then fled out a set of exterior doors. There did not appear to be any damage done inside and nothing appeared stolen.

Four males were taken into custody for break and enter to the school, two 18 year olds and two 19 year olds. Three were local Saanich youths and one was visiting from Campbell River. It appears diversion is being considered by the investigator.


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