Cougar sighting – Gordon Head

Saanich Police responded to yet another report of a cougar sighting on August 1, 2012 at 1215 am, in the area of Majestic Drive and Ash Rd.

A driver reported the 3-4 foot long cat (tail excluded) to have run in front of their vehicle and into the bushes on the other side of the road. The full description satisfied officers that a cougar had in fact been spotted despite not being able to locate the animal themselves.

BC Conservation was advised, but did not attend.

Given the close proximity to Mount Douglas Park it is not unexpedted for a cougar to be in the area and at this time Saaich Police do not have a concern about the public’s safety. As with each sighting, though, we remind Saanich residents to be cautious whenever a cougar is known to be in the area, especially with children and pets.


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