Airborne driver lands without car or license

Shortly after noon on July 31, 2012 Saanich Police responded to the 300 block of Conway Rd to a report of street racers. The narrow, winding rural road was the chosen venue for the drivers of a red Honda Civic and a blue Geo Metro, but their actions did not go unnoticed. And how could they not?

The Geo drove over a crest in the roadway, launching the vehicle approximately 1 meter into the air before crashing back down and losing control, nearly striking a parked vehicle in a driveway. The force of the landing was so great that the engine mounts broke.

The driver abandoned his vehicle, but only after removing the license plates in a weak attempt to avoid detection. The driver was picked up in the red Honda and the pair fled from the neighbourhood. Six residents contacted Saanich police, noting the Honda had been racing through the area the day prior at high speed.

Saanich Police Collision Reconstruction Team attended and through their analysis calculated the Geo to have been traveling no less than 87 km/h when it launched into the air.

Conway Rd is posted with cautionary signs recommending a speed of 10 km/h due to the twisting, narrow hill with many hill crests.

The drivers were traced to nearby Camosun College. Both young males were Novice drivers – the driver of the Geo had been reported as a dangerous driver on several occasions, and the driver of the Honda has been suspended from driving twice due to his driving record.

The airborne escapades of the Geo driver landed him with a charge of Driving without Due Care and Attention, a $368 fine and a 7 day vehicle impound. The driver of the Honda was charged with Drive without Consideration for Safety of Others, a $196 fine and also a 7 day vehicle impound. As Saanich Police officers attended Camosun the red Honda was observed exiting the parking lot at high speed and continued on Interurban Rd (50 km/h speed zone) at 85 km/h.



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