Same bat channel…

Another hunting season, another dead urban buck.

Yesterday afternoon at about 1:45 pm, Saanich Pound officers were summoned to a vacant lot on Ironwood place in the Claremont area as a result of a dead buck.

The caller had been mowing the grass on the lot when he discovered a deceased buck. The buck had an obvious arrow lodged in the abdomen area. Investigators feel that it had been there for some time.

Given that the arrow had lodged into the abdomen, it is felt that once shot it fled some distance to where it collapsed and died. Pound investigators made contact with the BC Conservation Service to inform them of the incident.

This is the first incident of urban poaching for the 2012 hunting season. The Saanich Police urge vigilance on the part of everyone in the community. If you see something suspicious in your neighbourhood and suspect poaching activity please contact the Saanich Police immediately.


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