Bad karma

If you intend to sell marihuana don’t do it 15′ from a uniformed officer!?

Yesterday afternoon, just after 2pm, two males were arrested for marihuana trafficking at University Heights mall in the parking lot. Two Inspectors from the Saanich Police were in their vehicle in the lot on other duties. One of them, in the driver’s seat, was wearing his full uniform.

Two spots over from where the officers were parked near the Home Depot, with a vacant spot in between, a black Pontiac Vibe with a male driver parked. A few minutes later, a male on a bike arrived in the lot and entered the Pontiac. In plain view, a container of marihuana was traded for cash.

It appears that both males looked at the unmarked police vehicle with the uniformed driver, but that the presence of the officers didn’t register. Both males were arrested and held for transport to the Saanich Police headquarters.

Recovered were two matching containers of marihuana pre-packaged and ready for sale. Each contained 8 packages weighing about 10grams each.

Neither the 27 year old trafficker nor the 25 year old purchaser had any criminal record. Both were released on documents with conditions for court in the future.


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