Watch your meat and your tools

The Saanich Police Crime Analyst has determined that there are similarities between three break-ins which have occurred lately. Here are the details:

Oct. 10th- 700 block Miller rd: appears a daytime entry to the garage through an unlocked door. Two older laptops taken valued at $400.

Oct. 13th- 4500 Viewmont ave: sometime over the three days prior the garage was entered. Items taken included 3lbs of butter, a package of spare ribs and three cases of frozen chicken breast.

Oct. 14th- 2400 Sinclair rd: garage entered overnight. Several shop tools taken including a compound mitre saw. Thieves are suspected to have used a vehicle.

The public is reminded that even sheds, garages and other outbuildings are targets for thieves. Please review your security for those buildings and ensure that they are locked. As well, the main entryway through the garage into the home should also be locked.

If you have any questions about your security procedures please contact the Saanich Police Crime Prevention office at 250-475-4311.


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