Don’t run with a ski mask on?!

At about 12:45 am Sunday, the attention of two officers was drawn to two males running away from University Heights mall onto McKenzie ave at breakneck speeds.

What really drew the officer’s attention was that both had balaclavas on! Upon seeing the police vehicle, one was seen to throw a can of spray paint into a shrub. Both were immediately detained believing that they had spray painted something at the rear of the mall.

Another officer began a check of the mall exterior and found some freshly painted graffiti at the rear of the mall- oddly enough the same colour as the tossed can. Both males were then arrested for mischief.

Arrested were a 27 year old Esquimalt male and a 21 year old Victoria male. The older one was found to be intoxicated and was held till the morning. Both were released on documents for an upcoming court date.

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