Nice doggie…

At about 1am this morning, Cst. Justin Whittaker and his canine partner Taz were on patrol in Saanich. They located a male in the 400 block of Dupplin road who was riding a bike. What really drew their attention was that he not only was riding a bike but was carrying a second bike on his shoulders.

They approached the cyclist and when he saw the police vehicle he dismounted his bike and threw the second bike he was carrying at the police vehicle! He then ran trying to escape.

Not to be outrun, Taz immediately ran after the suspect catching him within 100′. The suspect then decided to try and fight the police dog and the result was what you might imagine.

Needless to say, the male was arrested and handcuffed. The suspect and his belongings were then searched. A litany of items were recovered including bear spray, ammunition of various calibers, drugs and drug related items, bolt cutters, identification in other people’s names, small electronic items etc.

The male was held in custody and faces six charges at this point, including Mischief, Possession of Break-in tools, Obstructing a Peace Officer, Possession of Drugs and Breach Charges for outstanding court orders.

The investigation continues with regard to the drug possession and the possession of items and identification in other people’s names. More charges are expected.

The 27 year old male of no fixed address, remains in custody to appear this afternoon in Victoria Provincial Court.


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