Saanich Police launch very first geocache

Wednesday afternoon, the very first ever, Saanich Police Geocache was launched, but not without some difficulties.

Geocaching is a free real-world outdoor treasure hunt. Players try to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, using a smartphone or a GPS and can then share their experiences online. Once finding the cache, which is stocked beforehand with swag, you swap items so the cache is self-sustaining. You then sign the book and register the find on the web page. Here is a link to the Geocaching main page:


The Saanich Police Geocache proved so successful, within minutes two teams came racing to the front of the office. As the cache was originally hidden outside the windows of the Saanich Police Detectives, the people on all fours rooting through the bushes caused some raised eyebrows.

Don’t despair, though, yesterday the cache was moved to a new location on the property, but away from office windows?!

The FTF (first to find) winners got themselves a $10 Walmart gift card. You never know, there may be more cool prizes put in the cache in the coming months.

 ‘This is just another means for us to connect with our community, especially those that are young and the young at heart, who love this activity. I had so much fun putting the cache together and hiding it outside the station and was blown away by the popularity,’ says Sgt. Dean Jantzen.

For all those Geocachers out there here is a link to our cache page.

Saanich Police geocache

Perhaps some more caches hidden by the Saanich Police will be out there in the near future. Here are some photos of the FTF teams.

Here is our FTF team geocache handles: ‘Thego!team’, ‘RLegend’, ‘TheGeoKnights’


Here is a picture of our cache- good luck finding it without a GPS!


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