Theft from vehicles spike

In the past few days there has been a spike in theft from autos and a compound on Enterprise crescent was entered for the fourth time.

There have been 8 different occasions since September that vehicles have been attacked at businesses in the area of Vanalman ave and Enterprise crescent. This is a largely commercial area where there are not many people or much traffic through the evening and weekends.

Sunday morning, a compound was reported as having been entered overnight Saturday in the 700 block of Enterprise Crescent. Eight commercial work vehicles were entered with items inside being rummaged and strewn about.

This was the fourth time that the fenced compound has been entered since September. All eight vehicles were damaged with locks having been forced or doors pried. Investigators discovered a large hole in the fence surrounding the compound.

There have also been a significant number of autos entered in the Sinclair Hill area near the University of Victoria. There were, eleven incidents reported overnight Friday night, Nov. 9th and into Saturday morning. The areas Included Killarney road, Sinclair road, Pitcombe place and Penrhyn street.

Residents are reminded to leave nothing in your vehicls. Even a few cents in pocket change can attract a thief. Businesses are reminded to take security precautions for their premises. Review your exterior lighting, your locks, gates, fences and consider video of the premises.

For more information contact the Saanich Police Crime Prevention Office at 250-475-4321, to assist in reviewing your security arrangements.


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