Saanich Police get a little greener

Saanich, British Columbia (November 15, 2012) – Saanich’s carbon footprint just got a little smaller thanks to Saanich Police Officers and other municipal staff taking personal responsibility for their own carbon footprint. This was not done through the purchase of carbon offsets but by funding local tree planting projects in the Saanich urban forest and inspiring climate action projects in Saanich schools.

Like many residents, Saanich Police Officers are commuters who cannot always use alternate transportation to get to work. Using the Saanich Carbon Calculator, Officers have made donations, depending on the size of their carbon footprint, to the Saanich Community Carbon Fund which enables local action projects.

“The Officers were very motivated to demonstrate responsibility for their carbon footprint and this Community Carbon Fund is a great option for our staff to consider.” said Saanich Police Chief Constable, Mike Chadwick.

The site is simple: Plug in information about the kilometres you drive each year, how much electricity, natural gas, propane or oil heat you use annual at home and how much air travel you take to determine your annual tonnes of carbon dioxide produced. Saanich has also updated this calculator with a new option that allows users to decide which community project they want to support, the urban forest or supporting teachers and students.

Mayor Frank Leonard appreciates the commitment staff has made to support local sustainability initiatives. “We believe it to be the first site in North America where people can donate directly to a dedicated fund to be used in their own community. It’s easy to use and reinvests back into the sustainability of the community”.

Saanich set a goal in 2010 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the community 33% by 2020. The municipality views these types of projects as essential in their efforts to achieve this aggressive target. There are many organizations that offer carbon offsetting to residents by their purchase of carbon credits developed through reduction projects outside of the region. Saanich’s strategy is to focus on supporting reductions through community projects and leading by example within municipal operations.

For more information, visit the Saanich Carbon Calculator website:

Mark Boysen, Sustainability Coordinator

[email protected]


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