Red Lion stabbing update

Members of the Saanich Police, including the Detective Division, Uniform members, and Forensic Technicians worked through the night investigating the stabbing that occurred at approxiamtley430pm on Saturday.

Upon arrival, uniform officers were faced with a volatile and chaotic scene. Initial police officers were faced with multiple victims and witnesses who were able to assist police in quickly determining that one suspect was responsible.

As police were unaware if other potential victims were in danger, the first three officers on scene formed a team to search the large hotel complex. The officers were able to quickly ascertain the suspect had gone inside a rear office. Although the door was locked, the members breached the door as it was unknown if other persons were inside. The suspect was arrested without incident inside the office where he was a found alone.

The suspect, a 52-year old employee of the Red Lion Zhi Wei “Wally” MENG was held overnight and went through a Telebail process. Police are seeking he be held in custody and remanded to appear before a Provincial Court Judge. Police are recommending 5 counts of Aggravated Assault.

The motive for the stabbing is still unknown; the suspect appears to have stabbed his first victims in the lower level restaurant of the Red Lion where staffs were relaxing between shifts. The restaurant was closed at the time. The suspect then moved into the kitchen area where staff were working and stabbed a kitchen employee. As staff came into the restaurant to, they were also stabbed

The suspect then moved upstairs and went behind the lobby front desk and stabbed the front desk clerk who was working. Although there were multiple witnesses and victims, the attending officers received cooperation from the hotel staff who attended Saanich Police to provide statements. Assistance was provided by interpreters who speak Cantonese and Mandarin.

Police released the hotel scene at approximately 1130 this morning and the Red Lion is fully operational and open for business.


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