Cab vs. pedestrian

Yesterday afternoon during the rush hour at 5:22pm, Saanich Police received calls about a pedestrian having been struck at the intersection of Interurban and Burnside roads. Traffic Safety Unit officers responded to the scene to find that a young woman had been struck by a cab.

Upon arriving officers found that the pedestrian was struck by a 2008 Prius taxi, while crossing in the marked, lit crosswalk.  The cab had been coming down Burnside road near the Forestry Centre and stopped at the sign. Then, when traffic north and south stopped for the pedestrian, the cab made the left turn to travel north on Interurban.

The cab contacted the pedestrian while she was three quarters of the way through the crosswalk. Luckily, two separate BC Transit drivers were witnesses to the incident and provided all the information the investigators needed to charge the driver.

The driver was ticketed for fail to yield to yellow flashing lights at crosswalk, with a fine of $138. The cab was towed for a further mechanical investigation.

The 21year old pedestrian had some possible fracture injuries to the lower leg or ankle area and a bump to the head.

Drivers and pedestrians are reminded that winter driving conditions are upon us and the afternoons can be dark. Pedestrians should wear bright clothing, reflective materials or better yet, some LED lights. Drivers should exercise much caution around crosswalks and in intersections.


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