The easiest catch ever

Friday evening, an impaired driver attracted some attention to himself.

Saanich Police officers, in support of the Light up the Night initiative, were deployed on the Trans-Canada Highway near Uptown. The roadblock was established just north of the Carey road intersection.

At 10:55pm, a white Toyota Corolla, attempted to make the unlawful right turn from the Trans-Canada highway northbound onto Carey road. Unfortunately, he entered into the waiting arms of a Saanich Police officer watching for just such turns.

The first clue was the unlawful turn, the second was when the Corolla collided with the raised median, third was when the car appeared like it was going to deliberately collide with the patrol vehicle that blocked the road. The car then began backing up to attempt to flee but the officer exited and yelled for the driver to stop and exit his car.

The 30 year old Langford driver finally exited the vehicle and was arrested by the officer. The male appeared intoxicated and was arrested for impaired driving. He was returned to the Saanich Police headquarters where two samples of his breathe were obtained revealing twice the legal limit.

“I am not sure this officer will ever have an easier impaired investigation. It landed in his lap,” says Sgt. Dean Jantzen.

The driver was released on documents to attend court. Oh yeah, he also had no license and was currently prohibited from driving. He has total of four different suspensions by the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles, two prior 24 hour suspensions and one previous impaired conviction.


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