Another weed farmer busted

At about 9am this morning members of the Saanich Police Patrol division raided a home in the 700 block of Genevieve road. Found inside when the warrant was executed was a sophisticated marihuana cultivation operation.

Marihuana was being grown in three separate rooms, two downstairs and one upstairs. The plants were of varying sizes and stages of maturity but are described as excellent in quality.

The total number of plants was approaching 500 and the weight of the plants totalled 97lbs. Evidence was recovered that showed the operation had been going on for a lengthy period of time.

The home was not occupied at the time and nobody has been arrested as of yet. Investigators believe that the home is rented but not occupied on a regular basis.

The investigation will continue in an attempt to ascertain who is responsible for this operation.

According to investigators on scene, the home appears to have sustained significant damage to the lower floor given the humid growing environment. Landlords are reminded to be vigilant and to conduct regular inspections of their properties when they are not owner occupied.



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