Two Theft Arrests Friday

An alert Saanich patrol officer is believed to have solved some overnight thefts that happened in the 3200 block of Quadra Street. This is an area where property has recently been stolen from a number of parked vehicles.

Shortly after 9 a.m. on Friday morning (January 18th), the officer spotted a well-known criminal walking along nearby Glasgow Avenue. The man was carrying a new hockey bag and was arrested for an unrelated breach offence. Recently-stolen property and drugs were found on the man when he was searched.

The full hockey bag had been stolen overnight from a truck parked about a block away on Quadra Street. A stolen men’s coat was also found on the man. It had been stolen overnight from a parked car, also about a block away. Vehicle windows were smashed in both of the overnight thefts. In addition to the stolen property, the 35 year old man was in possession of crystal meth, several weigh scales and several phones. He will be appearing in court in early March.

During the Friday noon hour, in the 700 block of Claremont Avenue, a 27 year old man heard some loud pounding at his front door. When he opened the door a suspicious man claimed to be canvassing for the Heart & Stroke Foundation. The homeowner called police and the man left the area quickly on a bike. Police soon spotted the man cycling on the shoulder of the Pat Bay Highway. He was directed to pull over but he gave police a “one finger salute” and continued to flee. Police arrested the cyclist a short time later on Cherry Tree Bend.

It was soon learned that a newly-delivered parcel had been left at the outside front door of the home on Claremont Ave, but the parcel was gone. It was found dumped nearby. Police learned from neighbours that this man had been going door-to-door and that he had been given small amounts of cash from some residents. The man did not have proper identification as a legitimate canvasser. He had been going door-to-door commiting these frauds, with some limited success. A 32 year old man will also be appearing in court in early March.

S/Sgt. Scott Treble

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