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17 Year Old Claremont Student Helps Save 82 Year Old

On January 30, 2013, at approximately 1435 hours, an 82 year old Saanich resident and his spouse were walking in the 5000 Block of Cordova Bay Road when suddenly the male collapsed and struck his head. A member of the public who had been driving past immediately stopped and called 911. Several seconds later, seventeen year old Thomas Ottewell was passing by on his scooter and stopped to render assistance. Thomas works for Panorama Recreation Centre as a lifeguard and is CPR trained. Thomas advised those on scene that he was First Aid trained and took over CPR. Thomas calmly directed the spouse to begin giving her husband breaths while Thomas began chest compressions.

Constable Janis Carmena was less than a block north on Cordova Bay Road when the call came in that there was a man down. Constable Carmena was on scene within 30 seconds and observed Thomas doing chest compressions and the spouse giving mouth to mouth. Constable Carmena eventually took over giving chest compressions until Saanich Fire arrived on scene with an Automated External Defibrillator. Moments later, an Advanced Life Support team with the Provincial Ambulance Service arrived on scene and took over medical treatment of the patient.

Provincial Ambulance personnel remarked to Constable Carmena that the patient had no heart beat and was not breathing and crediting the administration of CPR and the AED for saving the mans life.

For his courage to take action, and his ability to remain composed and focused under intense stress, Thomas Ottewell was awarded a Chief Constable’s Certificate of Recognition – Citizen Award, presented by Chief Constable Mike Chadwick and Mayor Frank Leonard on February 5, 2013.

Resize - MJL 1869

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