Female Jogger Assaulted – Police Warning

An 18 year old University of Victoria student was tackled from behind while jogging on a wooded chip trail shortly after 3 p.m. on Wednesday, February 27th. The assault happened on the Alumni Chip Trail which is located between stadium parking (Lot 8) and the corner of Gordon Head Rd and McKenzie Ave.

She was jogging alone when she first noticed the unknown man jogging towards her in the opposite direction. About 30 to 60 seconds after they passed one another, she was tackled to the ground from behind by the same man. She landed on her stomach with the man on her back.

Instinctively she kicked him in the groin. The man rolled off her and was clenching his groin in pain. He did not say anything to her during the brief and completely unexpected assault. She ran away through the campus and over to her residence dormitory where she phoned police. The woman was not injured.

The suspect description is a Caucasian man 25 to 35 yrs, between 180 cm (5’9″) and 190 cm (6’2″) tall with short brown hair. He was wearing a grey Nike zip-up hoodie with a black Nike swoosh on the left breast, plain black shorts that stopped just above the knees and black Nike runners with a white Nike swoosh on them. He had white “ear bud” headphones described as “iPhone type”.

Oak Bay Police were already investigating a report of a suspicious man from about 2:30 p.m. in the Henderson Field area. He approached an 18 year old woman who was walking and made her very uncomfortable by cinching his hoodie tight over his head. There was no verbal or physical contact in the Oak Bay incident. The descriptions are similar but no confirmed link has been made.

Saanich Police are working closely with Oak Bay Police and UVic Campus Security Services. Police and security are conducting extra patrols on bicycle and foot. It is recommended that women walk or jog with a partner if they can, carry a cell phone and be extra aware and vigilant of their surroundings. Ear bud volume is best turned off or down in wooded areas.

Staff Sgt Scott Treble – Saanich Police

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