Saanich Police Mascot “Ace” Makes Appearance At Claremont

Last week, the Saanich Police Blues basketball went to Claremont Secondary School to take on the Claremont Spartans basketball team in support of a fundraising cause for Jeneece Place.

Saanich Police Mascot “Ace” was happy to attend to the event, as documented below by one of his amazing coordinators, Dave Ward.

Wow, what an exciting night for Ace and his handler Courtney, and of course the crew of the Saanich
Police Blues! And what a great fundraising cause, the school raised over $1200 for Jeneece Place. Ace arrived at Claremont Secondary School in District 63 just before 6:30, and had plenty of time to get acquainted with the school and the great students and staff that make it such a wonderful place. What terrific spirit they have! He got to visit with the band, meet the principal, have some fun with the Claremont Spartans team mascot, and even have a quick dribble, not nibble, of a ball or two. Didn’t know that he was so talented! Half time even saw him do some a little Gangnam Style with the dance crew, although being a little shy he stayed in the audience. The game was intense! Started off with Ace running lead through the Blues banner, and he joined the team on court for our National Anthem. The Spartans may have gotten the first basket, but the teams were so evenly matched by half time, and by the end of the second half it was a tie believe it or not! With a two minute OT called at the end, the crew of the Saanich Blues clinched it with a foul shot, squeaking by with barely a win at 94-90. Those Spartans sure gave us a run for the money, could they ever sink those 3 pointers! “


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Sgt. Steve Eassie #158


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