Prolific Property Crime Offender Arrested While Attempting to Break Into Vehicles

Saanich File 2013-4975

On Sunday, March 17, acting on a tip from the public, Saanich Police located and arrested a 47 year old male that had been attempting to break into vehicles in the parking lot of Tillicum Mall.

At about 3: 45 PM, witnesses observed the suspect attempting to enter a number of vehicles by using keys to gain entry to the parked cars.  The witnesses knew one of the owenrs of a vehicle that was targeted by the suspect and they contacted the owner to confirm that nobody had been given the keys to the vehicle.

The wtinesses, who were parked in a very close proximity to where the supect male was operating, alerted police to their observations.

The suspect was located and arrested by police a very short distance from the parking lot, and found to be in possession of a set of keys that had been altered which could have allowed the suspect to gain unlawful entry to vehicles.

The suspect Bruce Christian HANSEN was arrested and held in custody to appear before the Court on March 18.  HANSEN was remanded in custody and will be making a further court appearance on March 20 to answer to the charges of Possession of Break In Instruments and Possession of a Controlled Substance.

HANSEN was noted to have a lengthy history of property and drug related convictions.

“We are thankful that the witnesses recognized that Mr. HANSEN was acting in a suspicious manner, remained in the area to keep tabs on him, and contacted us with the information” Sgt. Steve Eassie says.

Sgt. Steve Eassie #158

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