Public Washrooms At Gyro Park Fall Victim To Grafitti At Start Of Spring Break

Saanich File # 2013-4426 / 2013-4452

The public washrooms located at Gyro Park in Cadboro Bay were the target of a significant amount of damage in the form of grafitti on the first evening of Spring Break.

On  Friday, March 7, Saanich Police located a large group of youths congregated near the public facilities at Gyro Park during patrols of the area.  Upon stopping to speak with the youths, the majority of the youths, aged between 14 and 19 years old, fled the area towards the beach and nearby park fields.

Police conducted a property check of the facilities and located a considerable amount of damage to the inside of both the male and female washrooms.  Almost every paintable surface had been “tagged” with grafitti, some of which was very offensive in nature.  Furthermore, a smoldering roll of toilet paper was found in the middle of one of the washrooms.

Numerous youths were checked in the immediate area.  The person(s) responsible for this damage have yet to be identified.

The damage to the bathroom was estimated to be approximately $3000.  The bathrooms had to be closed to the public while the restorations took place.

“This is an example of where a very small number of individualsl, or even one person, can ruin or disrupt the enjoyment of a public area for other people.” Sgt. Steve Eassie says.  “Damage to this extent is not common and it is disturbing to think that someone would have had such little regard for this public facility, and the regular users of the site”.

Police have recognised that the date of this incident corresponds with the start of the Spring Break period for many youths that reside in the Greater Victoria area.  Given the large number of youths in the immediate area, it is highly likely that somebody knows something about this crime. 

Sgt. Steve Eassie #158

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