Saanich Pound Looking To Identify Dog And Owners

Saanich File 2013-4749

Saanich Pound Inspectors are looking to identify an unleashed dog that was involved in a daytime confrontation with another dog on a leash while at Gyro Park on Sunday, March 10 at approximately 3:45 PM.

An owner was walking her dog with a leash near the beach area of Gyro Park when she noted another unleashed dog charging toward herself and her animal.  The owner attempted to block the path of the oncoming dog, however the unleashed dog simply went around her and attacked her dog, causing several pucture wounds to the face of her dog.

The owner of the dog that was attacked did not report the incident at the time and contacted Saanich Pound several days after the incident.  The victim dog was noted to be a Staffordshire Terrior Cross, while the offending dog was believed to be a Labrador Retriever Cross.

The unidentified dog was described as being predominantly black with a white muzzle and chest area, and approximately 25 pounds in weight.  As stated earlier, the dog was off the leash at the time that this exchange took place.  The unidentified owners of the dog were described as a middle aged man, as well as a female in her late 30’s to early 40’s.  It is believed that the owners may have been walking in the area with several other adults at the time of the incident.

Saanich Pound Inspectors are interested in speaking with anyone that has any information relating to this incident, or anyone that can identify the dog and its owners.

Saanich Pound Inspector Sue Ryan states:  “All dogs must be kept either leashed or under control at all times.  If someone owns a dog that is prone to charging at other animals and that cannot be controlled off leash, it is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that they take measures to control their animal.”

Please contact the Saanich Pound at 250-475-4321 Ext 4360 if you have information about this incident.


Sgt. Steve Eassie #158

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