Tasco Trail Camera

Resident Uses “Trail Camera” to Capture Photos of B&E Suspect

The resident of a home in the 3900 block of Cabdoro Bay Road utlized a “trail camera” to catch pictures of a Break and Enter Suspect on March 28, that will likely lead to an arrest of the suspect.

In early March, the home owners confronted a male on their property who claimed to be looking for an apartment to rent.  The male was asked to leave the property and police were contacted when his story didn’t add up.  As a result of this previous incident, the home owners set up a “trail camera” in the yard.

The trail camera, a motion sensored device, is manufactured to capture images.  The home owners utilized the camera as a security device and ended up capturing numerous photos of the suspect while the suspect was actively attempting to break into their residence.

The camera’s are readily available from outdoor supply stores and range in price from $85 to $400.  Some have the ability to use infrared technology at night and to capture both video and still image photos.

Tasco Trail Camera

Investigators were extremely impressed by the quality of the photos and believe that this may be an affordable option for other home owners wishing to add a little bit of secutiy at a relatively minimal cost.

Images taken with a sample trail camera, valued at $129, can be seen below.


“We commend the home owners for thinking outside of the box and utlizing this device to help protect their property” Sgt. Steve Eassie says. 

As a direct result of the photographs provided by the home owner, investigators expect to lay charges against the suspect for Attempt Break and Enter and Possession of Break in Tools.

Sgt. Steve Eassie #158

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