The Most Dangerous Ticket Of The Month?

Saanich Police traffic safety officers landed a big one while conducting speed enforcement on Willis Point Road just before 5 p.m. this afternoon (Saturday, March 30th).

They noticed a 2012 Ford Mustang heading in their direction at an extremely high rate of speed.

The Mustang was clocked at an astonishing speed of 157 km/hr in the posted 60 km/hr zone – while still accelerating – nearly 100 kilometres an hour over the speed limit.

Police were able to flag the driver to pull his car over – but it took a very long distance for him to come to a stop.

The 39 year old Saanich man was charged with Excessive Speeding – which carries a fine of nearly $500 – and his car was impounded for a period of seven days.


S/Sgt. Scott Treble

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