Three Vehicles Impounded Within A One Hour Period Saturday Night For Speeding

Saanich Police impounded three vehicles, relating to two separate incidents, within a one hour period late Saturday evening, April 20, 2013.

In the first incident, at approximately 11:15 pm, a taxi was seen travelling at a high rate of speed northbound on Shelbourne Street. A Traffic Safety Unit member, operating a marked police motorcycle, followed the taxi for a short distance and noted speeds in excess of 90 kilometers per hour in the posted 50 kilometer zone. The officer also observed the taxi to be operating erratically, changing lanes without signalling and overtaking other vehicles.

The driver of the cab, a 26 year old Victoria resident, was stopped and issued a violation ticket for Excessive Speed which carries a $368 fine. The vehicle, a 2006 Toyota Prius, was impounded for seven days.  There were no passengers in the taxi at the time of the incident.

The second incident occurred less than an hour later. Two vehicles were observed to be travelling westbound on Mckenzie Avenue, near the 1500 block (Shelbourne), at a high rate of speed. Based on observations of the two vehicles, the officer believed the vehicles to be street racing and travelling at speeds in excess of 110 kilomters per hour in the posted 50 kilometer per hour zone. Both vehicles were stopped in the 800 block of Mckenzie.

Both vehicles were occupied only by the drivers, who were identified as a 31year old View Royal resident, and a 20 year old Saanich resident. The drivers were both issued violation tickets for Excessive Speeding, as well as tickets for Driving Without Due Care, which also carries fine of $368. The vehicles, a 1995 Ford Mustang and a 2006 Ford Mustang, were towed from the scene and impounded for 7 days. Furthermore, the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles suspended each of the drivers, as a direct result of the street racing incident,  from operating a motor vehicle for a period of 15 days pursuant to Sec 93(1)(c) of the Motor Vehicle Act.

Sgt. Steve Eassie #158

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