The Great Ice Cream Getaway – Or Attempt Anyway

Reports of a theft in progress at about 1:30am this morning resulted in a robust Saanich Police response to the Tim Hortons on Ravine Way.

Staff contacted police when two unruly customers fled with some ice cream snatched from the freezer. An employee gave chase as both males fled south bound on Blanshard street.

A sharp-eyed patrol officer noticed the two males on Saanich road both of whom were rapidly stuffing something into their mouths. When confronted, both had a difficult time talking with their mouths full and tongue’s frozen. Given the rapid consumption of ice cream and the likely accompanying brain freeze, neither was able to come up with a suitable response to questions from officers.

The two males were arrested, secured in handcuffs and searched for evidence. Other than sticky ice cream drippings obviously wiped from their faces, no evidence was located.

The 44 and 39 year old Saanich residents were returned to the Tim Hortons.  After many tears and lengthy explanations, both were released with a future court date and charges of theft are being considered.

Sgt. Dean Jantzen

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