Beware of Timeshare Resale Scams and Other Travel Scams

Owners of timeshare properties, particularly properties in Mexico, are being warned of an increase in timeshare resale scams.  In some cases, owners have been solicited to sell their properties by fraudulent companies who offer to sell the timeshare on the owners behalf.  Typically, the fraudsters will ask for money up front to cover maintenance fees or taxes.  Often, once this money is provided, the “companies” will no longer exists, disconnecting phone lines, shutting down websites, and changing the company name.

The US Federal Trade Commision issued a press release on June 6, 2013, outlining actions that have been taken in the United States over this past year.  A copy of the press release can be found at:

Consumer Protection BC has also published a press release outlining other common Travel Scams to be aware of:

Please be wary of calls to your residence offering “free” travel.  Do not share credit card information or provide payment in advance if you are not certain of the origin of the caller.

Sgt. Steve Eassie #158


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