Interesting Find In Metal Recycling A Mystery

An employee at a metal recycling depot made an interesting find on Friday, July 19, and immediately reported the “treasure” to their supervisor.

While monitoring the conveyor belt that was loaded with scrap metal, the employee observed an object that appeared to be a handgun.  Closer inspection revealed that the initial observation was correct and the handgun was removed from the scrap pile.

Some time later, the supervisor of the scrap metal plant attended to the Saanich Police Department front desk to surrender the found gun.  Investigation revealed that the handgun, noted to be a .455 calibre Webley revolver, was registered to an 81 year old male from the Gordon Head area.

Follow up with the owner revealed that the handgun was last known by the owner to be locked in a gun locker within the owner’s residence.  It is not known how the handgun would have been removed from the residence, or how it would have ended up in the metal recycling depot.

The handgun was determined to be a family heirloom and had been with the family of the owner for over 65 years.  The handgun itself was still operable, however, ammunition for this calibre of firearm is no longer available.

“This incident serves as a good reminder for those people that may have registered firearms at their homes.  Please ensure that they are properly secured and actually there from time to time” Sgt. Steve Eassie says.

The 2013 Firearms Anmesty occurred in June of this year.  However, if you or a loved one have a firearm that has been inherited, and you wish to surrender the weapon for destruction, please contact you local Police Department to arrange for the firearm to be surrendered.

File 2013-14316

Sgt. Steve Eassie #158

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