Public Warning – Telephone Fraudsters

Saanich Police are warning computer owners and smart phone owners (homeowners) to not accept unsolicited calls from a call centre porporting to be with Microsoft. These callers call homeowners claiming to be with Microsoft and then they convince the homeowner that their computer has a virus or multiple viruses.

Regrettably there have been three incidents reported to police in as many days where Saanich residents have fallen victim to this call centre (fraudsters).

How to fight computer scams / identity theft:

1) Do not feel oblicated to stay on the line with unsolicited callers offering a service;

2) Remember nothing is for free;

3) Never offer personal information (tombstone data), or financial information to a caller regardless of what they tell you about who they work for;

4) Your financial institutions will never ask you for financial information or personal information over the phone – they already have it;

5) If you do provide information over the phone or if you do go to any WEB sites as instructed by the call centre then immediately unplug your computer; notify your banking and financial institutions; and take your computer into a reputable computer centre to be cleaned of bugs and viruses.

The Saanich Police encourage parents to talk to their children and their aging parents about computer safety and idenity protection. Computer scams and Identity Theft are a mulitiple billion dollar industry – do your part to protect your loved ones and their information.

File 2013-17500

Sgt John Price #3

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