Public Warned Of Fraudulent Painter Selling Hardwood Flooring

A 47 year old Saanich man, who had been wanted on an outstanding warrant for numerous fraud related offences, was arrested on October 29, 2013, during a traffic stop by Saanich Police.

Justin Neal JAY, is alleged to have committed a number of fraudulent transactions within the greater Victoria area. A total of seven charges, most of which are alleged to have occurred in February and March of 2013, have been sworn. Two of the incidents occurred in Saanich, four in Oak Bay, and one in Nanaimo. JAY is believed to have received approximately $26,000 total from these alleged incidents.

JAY is a self-employed painter by trade. It would appear that JAY victimised previous clients for whom he had previously completed legitimate work. In all of the alleged incidents, JAY approached his previous customers claiming that he had an opportunity to purchase wood flooring at a discounted price, and that he had a buyer set up who would purchase the wood from him at a much higher price. JAY had the victims provide him with an “investment” of cash so that he could purchase the wood flooring, with the promise to repay the victim in a short time period and to double their money. In most of the cases, the victims did not receive any money back, while in others, they received only a small amount back.

Investigators learned that JAY was also alleged to have committed a number of fraud offences in Coquitlam, BC, and a further offence in Langley, BC. JAY was released from custody and is due to appear in court later this month to answer to these charges.

“There are no “get rich quick schemes” that are actually legitimate. If there were, we would all be wealthy” Detective Constable Janet Milligan of the Saanich Police Financial Crime Section stated. The public is being warned to be wary of scams similar to this one. “This is a case where the victims actually knew the person who defrauded them through previous business interaction. However, if it seems to good to be true, it is”.

It is not known if there are further victims on Vancouver Island that have not yet come forward to report any fraudulent transactions. Anyone who feels that they have been victimised by JAY are encouraged to contact D/Cst. Milligan at   250-475-4377.

File 2013-5704

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