12 Year Old Recovering After Being Struck By Car On Her Way To School

A 12 year old girl is recovering from injuries that she received after being struck by a passenger side mirror from a passing vehicle.

This morning, at approximately 7:50 a.m., a 12 year old student was walking with another student in the 2900 block of Richmond Road near Forrester Street. The girl was on route to one of the area schools when she was struck in a crosswalk as she attempted to cross the street.

Investigators have determined that it appears that the girl may have entered into the roadway without looking. As the female walked out into the traffic portion of the roadway, she was struck by the passenger side mirror of a pickup truck that was heding northbound on Richmond Road.

The crosswalk at that location is equipped with a flashing alert system that is designed to alert drivers that a pedestrian wishes to cross. It has been determined that the button for the light was not activated.

The driver of the truck did not see the student until she entered into the roadway without notice. The driver remained and the scene and provided details to police. No charges are expected to result from this incident.

The 12 year old student was transported from the scene by ambulance for apparent facial injuries. The female was determined to have suffered a broken nose and is recovering after receiving medical treatment.

“The injuries sustained from this incident could have been much more serious and we are thankful that the female student is expected to make a full recovery” Sgt. Steve Eassie said.

Drivers are reminded to use caution in areas of playgrounds and schools when school aged children are expected to be present. Pedestrians are reminded to ensure that traffic sees them, prior to crossing a street, and to use the flashing or overhead light systems to alert oncoming traffic of their intention to cross the street.

File 2014-1417

Sgt. Steve Eassie #158

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