Regional Crime Unit and Victoria Crime Reduction Unit Solve A String of Commercial Break and Enters From Campbell River to Victoria

On January 17, 2014 Raymond Bruce KATONA age 48, was arrested following an extensive investigation by both the Regional Crime Unit and Victoria Crime Reduction Unit. KATONA had been suspected of committing multiple Commercial Break and Enters within the Capital Region.

Following his arrest a Search Warrant was conducted at a Victoria area motel, where property linking KATONA to several of the Break and Enters was located. Subsequent investigation also indicated KATONA had been targeting businesses in Campbell River, Ladysmith and Duncan.

The investigation confirmed KATONA had been responsible for 4 Campbell River, 1 Ladysmith, 4 Duncan, 3 Saanich, 7 West Shore and 3 Victoria Break and Enters.

On February 19, 2014 KATONA plead guilty to 5 Counts of Break and Enter. He was sentenced to 2 years in jail and 3 years probation with strict conditions.

KATONA had been identified as a Prolific Offender by the Prolific Offender Management program (POM). POM is spearheaded by the Regional Crime Unit and is a collaborative group made up of Police, Probation, Parole, Corrections, Ministry of Social Services, Provincial and Federal Crown Counsel, Vancouver Island Health Authority, Ministry of Housing and Social Development, BC Housing, and the Our Place Society. POM candidates are given additional access to services in order to fend off needs for criminal activity, but are advised that they will face increased police scrutiny of any offences.

KATONA’s modus operandi strictly targeted commercial businesses. He would cheat the locks at the front doors utilizing a modified tool. He would often break into the business next to his actual target many were vacant. He would then break through the drywall in an attempt to not set off the alarm. He targeted cash floats and laptops.

The investigation is an excellent example of police cooperation up and down the island.

The Regional Crime Unit is an integrated unit comprised of police officers from the Saanich Police Department, Oak Bay Police Department, West Shore Detachment RCMP as well as Provincial RCMP. Since 2008 the Regional Crime Unit has been pursuing its mandate of proactively targeting the region’s most prolific criminal offenders.

RCU File 2014-5

Sgt. S. Eassie on behalf of S/Sgt. Steve Morgan

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