Thieves Strike Multiple Vehicles In Overnight Theft From Autos

A sudden increase in theft from autos in a short time span and within a small geographical area is prompting a reminder from Saanich Police for area residents to secure their vehicles.

Overnight, between Saturday June 14 and Sunday June 15, Saanich Police confirmed that at least 22 vehicles were entered while they were parked, many of them while on private property. In all cases, the vehicles had been left unlocked or had windows that were left open, allowing easy access to the interior of the vehicles.

“These thefts appear to be somewhat different from other theft from autos that we have had in the past several months” said Sgt. Steve Eassie. “The thieves appear to have been targeting the glove compartments, consoles, and ashtrays of these vehicles, and appear to have been specifically looking for loose change”.

In several instances, small electronic devices and other valuables were left behind, undisturbed by the suspect.

“Given that this occurred over the span of one evening, and within a relatively small geographical area, it is likely that the suspect simply wandered through the neighbourhood looking for vehicles that were not locked”. Sgt. Eassie said. “In many cases, doors and trunks were left open, likely done by the suspect to avoid detection by making unnecessary noise”.

The thefts were reported in the following area: 1300 block of Palmer Close, 1200 block of Palmer Road, 1200 block of Gary Oak Place, 1200 block of Tattersall Drive, 3900 block of Tall Pine Lane, 1200 block of Union Road, 3800 block of Persimmon Drive, 3700 block of Blenkinsop Road, the 1200 block of Fairlane Terrace, and the 3400 block of Cook Street.

Police suggest removing all valuables from your vehicle, parking the vehicle in a well-lit location or within a secure garage, and locking your vehicle whenever it is left unattended.

Anyone who may have information concerning these events, or anyone wishing to report a crime, is asked to contact the Saanich Police Department at 250-475-4321.

File 2014-11017 et al.

Sgt. Steve Eassie #158

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