Motor Vehicle Collision Involving Pedestrian Results In A Fatality

An elderly female pedestrian who was struck mid-afternoon at a motor vehicle collision involving a single vehicle on Tyndall Avenue has succumbed to her injuries resulting from the collision. She was pronounced in hospital yesterday afternoon after life saving measures were attempted.

At approximately 2:47 p.m., numerous callers reported a serious motor vehicle collision on Tyndall Aenue near the intersection of Grandview Drive. Initial reports were that there was possibly more than one vehicle and that one of the vehicles was on its side.

Investigation into the incident found that a 2009 Toyota Corrola, being driven by a 43 year old Saanich resident, was travelling northbound on Tyndall Avenue. Witnesses reported that the vehicle suddenly crossed the center line, struck a curb on the opposite side of the roadway, and left the roadway surface. The vehicle struck a tree, a cement garbage can, a bus stop, and tragically struck an 88 year old female who was out for a walk in the area.

Numerous witnesses and bystanders attended to the hectic scene and rendered assistance to both the pedestrian as well as the driver of the vehicle.

“Investigators are still working on the file to determine the cause of the collision, taking all factors into consideration” Said Sgt. Steve Eassie. “Until that investigation has been completed, it cannot be definitively determined what caused this tragic incident. I can tell you that investigators are considering that a medical incident may have led to the crash, but we are not at a point where we have ruled other possible contributing factors out”.

The BC Coroners Service will continue to work with investigators from Saanich Police.

Investigators will be conducting a mechanicall inspection on the vehicle in the coming days.

File 2014-13874

Sgt. Steve Eassie #158

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