Overnight Thefts From Autos Near Alan Road

Saanich Police are once again reminding residents to lock their vehicles when the vehicles are set to be parked for long periods, especially during the late evening and early morning hours.

At least ten vehicles were entered overnight between Saturday, July 19th, and Sunday July 20th, all of which occurred in a geographically condensed area.

The area of interest in these incidents was the 1200 block of Alan Road, the 1200 block of Loenholm Road, and the 1200 block of Cherry Road, all of which are in close proximity to the Vancouver Island Regional Correctional Center

Consistent with previous theft from auto reports, all of the vehicles entered appear to have been left unlocked. Once inside the vehicle, the suspect(s) appear to be targeting loose change, sometimes leaving behind expensive electronic devices, while at other times, taking small items such as iPods and e-cigarettes.

Two other thefts from vehicles were reported this morning, one in the 900 block of Perez Drive and the other in the 800 block of Gulf View, both in the Broadmead area.

“This really comes down to prevention and one simple step that could stop you from being a victim of this type of crime” says Sgt. Steve Eassie. “The simple action of locking your vehicle could prevent someone from entering it. They would likely move on seeking an unlocked vehicle”.

One of the trends recently being seen is that the suspects are opening the unlocked vehicles, rifling through contents, and then leaving the car without closing the door, likely to prevent any noise or chance of detection.

“Area residents are being asked to remove any valuables from their vehicles, and to ensure that their vehicles are being locked” Sgt. Eassie said. “If you do fall victim to this type of incident, it should be reported, even if nothing is missing from your vehicle”.

The installation of motion sensor lighting could deter someone from entering onto your property. 
Trail cameras or surveillance systems could be installed to capture images of the suspect which could aid police in identifying the person involved in these criminal acts.

File 14-13846 et al.

Sgt. Steve Eassie #158


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