Third Annual Awareness Day – September 26th

The Saanich Police Department are pleased to be joining together with the Canadian Centre for Child Protection to celebrate the third annual Cybertip Awareness Day.

In doing so, we encourage all Canadians to get involved in the fight against online child sexual exploitation.

How can you help?  If you observe any form of child sexual exploitation, the best way to protect children is to report your concerns to and or/local law enforcement.    If you wish to stay informed about emerging online issues and want to learn more about safeguarding teens, you can sign up for ALERTS at

Youth that are concerned about the negative impact stemming from the creation and distribution of sexual images on line can access help at

Learn more about the latest concerning trends online affecting youth and children by visiting

If you’ve been involved in a self/peer exploitation incident and need help to stop cyber bullying, visit

Reports to reports have resulted in law enforcement executing 440 arrests, leading to the removal of 468 children from abusive environments and protecting countless other children from online sexual exploitation.

(Info provided by The Canadian Centre for Child Protection)


Sgt. Steve Eassie #158



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