Drivers : Share The Roads Safely With Pedestrians

As the days get shorter and our weather changes in fall and winter, crashes involving pedestrians increase significantly across B.C. Not too surprisingly the most densely populated areas of the province have the highest numbers of pedestrian crashes in B.C. year-round and intersections are the top location for these crashes.

What may be surprising is the fact that driver distraction, failure to yield and weather are the top contributing factors for drivers in these crashes across B.C.

As drivers, we have a key responsibility in avoiding crashes with pedestrians who are much more vulnerable to severe injuries or death in these crashes.

While we can’t change the weather we can certainly change our habits behind the wheel to cope with poor driving conditions and hard-to-see pedestrians.

Here are our top safety tips for drivers:

  • Focus: on the road, and stay off your phone or any other hand-held electronic devices while you’re driving.
  • Yield: to pedestrians – especially at intersections and near transit stops.
  • Look twice: When turning at an intersection make sure there are no pedestrians crossing.
  • Slow down: give yourself extra time and space to stop in case a pedestrian suddenly crosses the street.

So when you’re driving this fall and winter, please do your part to help share our roads safely.

 ** Information provided by ICBC and re-posted with permission**


Sgt. Steve Eassie #158

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