Lock it or lose it!

Residents in the Cordova Bay area of Saanich are being reminded to lock their vehicles following a number of overnight thefts in that area. 

There have been over 15 reported thefts from auto’s in and around the 4900 block of Cordova Bay Rd.  These thefts occurred when the owners left their vehicles unlocked. 

Items that have been reported stolen include small electronics (iPod’s, GPS units), sunglasses, phone chargers, and loose change. 

“It appears as if only unlocked vehicles are being targeted” A/Sgt. Jereme Leslie said.  “Vehicles in the area, that were locked, were not entered.  After rummaging through and stealing items from the vehicles the suspect left the doors open, once he left, in order to not make any further noise.” 

Saanich Police would like to remind the public to lock their vehicles even if they’re parked in their own driveway.  It’s also important to remove anything of value from your vehicle such as shopping bags, tools, spare change, electronics, backpacks, etc.

Should residents see suspicious activity in their neighbourhood they’re reminded to call the Saanich Police at 250-475-4321.  Anyone who may have knowledge of these thefts, are also asked to contact the Saanich Police at 250-475-4321 or Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).


A/Sgt. Jereme Leslie #228

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