Parolee Returned to Prison

Thanks to our Property Crime Unit and Senior Crime Analyst, a prolific property offender, on full parole, is again behind bars.

Members pieced together the puzzle after learning of a high end Break and Enter to a home in Oak Bay.  Stolen from this house were several pieces of jewelry and other personal items.  Officers followed up with local pawn shops and located several of the jewelry items at a shop downtown.  The jewelry had been pawned by the parolee.

Backtracking further, officers linked a fraudulent cheque to the parolee, who had convinced a homeowner to pay for their renovations via cheque, made out in his name, rather than that of the construction company, where he had previously been laid off from.

With this information in hand, officers contacted the Victoria Parole Office, who promptly issued a Warrant of Apprehension for the parolee.  On May 18, 2016, officers arrested Christopher Lee SCHWARTZ as he left his residence in Saanich.  Charges of Break and Enter, Possession of Stolen Property, and Fraud Under $5000 are now being submitted.

Sgt. Julie Fast



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