Cedar Hill Rd Fire Update

As reported earlier, emergency services from across the region attended to a large structure fire in the 4000blk of Cedar Hill Rd on the evening of May 22nd.  The fire affected three townhouse buildings, two of which were occupied, and one was under construction.   The fire was so intense that the siding on neighbouring homes was melted, a Saanich Fire truck sustained heat damage, and flying embers sparked small spot fires in the area.

Approximately 40 people were immediately evacuated until the fire could be contained and controlled.  The majority of these evacuees were able to return to their homes either last night or earlier today.  Saanich Fire escorted all returning evacuees into their units and tested air quality before allowing them to settle back in.  The fire destroyed or damaged 10 occupied units.  These people have been provided emergency social services to assist them with immediate relocation needs.

The fire scene is still smoldering and fire crews will remain on site for the remainder of the day.  Traffic will be disrupted along Cedar Hill for some time still.  People are asked to avoid this area completely, and if they are there, to stay well clear of police line tape.

 A closer inspection of the scene can now be done by both police and fire investigators to determine the cause and scope of the damage.  At this time, the fire is deemed suspicious and police are asking for anyone with information to call our Tipline at 250-475-4356 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.


Sgt. Julie Fast


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